Valentine’s and February Spa Specials

It feels like we’ve only just finally packed away the last of the holiday stuff, learned to walk again in shoes without a thong and suddenly it’s time to dust off that Barry White album for Valentine’s Day.
A quick search online lists an overwhelming amount of Valentine’s tips and things to do on Valentine’s Day. After reading a few Valentine’s Day ideas written by someone who can clearly seduce a woman like a French man, your Valentine’s Day pick makes you look like you’re grossly underachieving, even if you add some roses to the mix.  And when you head out on Valentine’s Day seeing all those glowing, in love faces heading off to have a charming time, the selected Valentine’s Day treat may wilt like that now meagre, inadequate looking bunch of roses you bought.

So what to do to make sure those fires of love keep blazing away in the eyes of your loved one when the Valentine’s gift is ultimately unveiled? Yes, you can wine and dine, but it’s not that special, especially if you are sharing the restaurant with a dozen other couples who are seemingly only there to upstage your efforts.

Get back to basics and filter out all the commercial Valentine’s Day noise. Love is a special time spent with your sweetheart, feeling connected, sharing a quiet moment, pampering and feeling at ease and relaxed in each other’s company. You can wrap all of these together in one neat little package with a Spa Gift Voucher.

Ginkgo Spas are also offering special treatments for couples during February The Month of Love, so if you already have plans for Valentine’s Day score bonus points with your partner with our Couples Getaway Valentine’s Promotion at the Ginkgo Luxury Spa Arniston and our Valentine’s Promotion at the Ginkgo Express Spa Cape Town.

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