Tips to Surviving the Festive Season

Ah, the December holidays – it’s supposed to be that time of the year where we all get a little “R&R” – but usually we end up stressing about visiting relatives, last minute shopping excursions for festive fare and rushing around from function to party to event (like a bothered “Busy-Bee” instead of graceful social butterfly!)

But have no fear this year – we at Ginkgo have put together our top tips for surviving the festive season! Read on!


If you aren’t taking care of yourself, how can you take care of others? Use this holiday time to do just that – take a holiday. Schedule in some time for yourself amongst all the busy holiday activities – go for a walk on the beach, spend some time in the garden or “check-out” with a pamper day at one of our Cape Town Spas. By taking time out for yourself, you’ll be able to navigate the endless onslaught of other’s needs during this time!


Loath facing the shopping malls, driving around for hours trying to find parking, in an attempt to find the perfect gift? STOP! Opt for something meaningful (and easier to obtain) this festive season – a donation to your loved one’s favourite charity in lieu of gifts, a beautiful plant with some seed packets or a handcrafted item. Something that gives back and doesn’t come from a shopping centre. Avoid all the hassle and give your loved ones Cape Town Spa Vouchers (just ask at reception desk and your gift shopping will be done in 3mins!)


Hosting Christmas Day lunch and stressed about cooking the steak just perfect for Uncle Marty, making sure your mother-in-law’s trifle recipe tastes “just as it should” or worried about what to serve your newly vegan nephew? It’s enough to make you need another holiday! Take the stress off your plate (literally) and book your family lunch at one of our Cape Town Spas or associated hotels (call either the Arniston Hotel & Spa, Steenberg Hotel or The Winchester Mansions Hotel to enquire about availability and bookings).


Worried about bringing in 2015 with chipped nails & dull skin? Book a Spa Treatment in Cape Town with one of our therapists to get yourself tip-to-toe ready for the beach, that New Year’s party of end-of-year function – let someone else worry about your nails or bikini wax – you’ve got enough to worry about!


Worried about the overindulgence of mince pies, champagne and gammon? We’ve got a little help on the way! We have the Best Spas in Cape Town and stock Ginkgo Internal Detox Clay, available in powder or capsule form. The clay contains montmorillonite, a medicinal powdered clay which is derived from deposits of weathered volcanic ash! The clay absorbs toxins (heavy metals, free radicals, pesticides) and is then eliminated from the body. Perfect for keeping you in tip top shape over the festive time of year. Ask one of our Beauty and Wellness Therapists in Cape Town about this product so you can end 2014 feeling great!

We hope you find these “survival tips” helpful! If you have any others you’d like to share, please post to the Comment Section below – we’d love to hear how you managed the festive madness!

From us, the Best Spas in Cape Town – Ginkgo Spas, wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Festive Season!

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