The Best Body and Mind for 2016

Keep your mind healthy

We may not have the genetics to pull off the perfect bikini body or be ready to run a half marathon this weekend, but that doesn’t mean that we should let our minds go to waste. Having a strong, fit mind is vital to lifelong health, wellness, resilience and happiness. Keeping a healthy mind means that you need to actively engage your thought processes and be aware of things that are harmful or counterproductive. Practice makes perfect and here are a few things that will help keep the mind sharp.

Exercise the body

Although there are plenty geniuses that you wouldn’t expect to see on the cover of Men’s Health or Sports Illustrated, exercising the body aids brain function. Aim to get at least 150 minutes of exercise in per week.

Feed the mind

There is too much processed, convenience food available with too many artificial ingredients. Eating these types of foods means that you are forcing your body to try to perform its essential functions with artificial substitutes. When at the supermarket shop the peripheries and avoid the aisles. This way your basket will contain fresh fruits, veggies, meat, fish, and cheese, which of course are far more nutritional than anything processed.

Relax the body work the mind

It is all too easy to assume the couch potato position, disengage the mind and let the media entertain us. But if this is how we relax then the mind is not being stimulated.
Reading books allow the imagination to work, creating images in your mind with stories or solving problems so you can follow the authors reasoning. Try challenging the mind with puzzles, crosswords, games and you will be feeling far more refreshed and mentally healthy than having spent the time watching TV or scrolling down your social media page.

Relax the body and the mind

Have you ever tried to remember something and try as you might it remains elusive? Then some time later when the mind is in idle (you are in the shower, relaxing or doing something that does not require heavy thought) and suddenly the answer just bubbles up and presents itself.
Relaxing both the body and mind is a great way to allow the brain to declutter, reboot and refocus.
One of the finest ways to achieve a heightened state of mental and physical relaxation is achieved through receiving a massage.

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