Cape Town Spas Uncover November! Get Summer Ready

Ah, November – the promise of longer lingering Summer nights, the packing away of coats and boots, replaced with flowing shawls and peep-toe sandals – it’s time to uncover those bits we may have been neglecting during the colder Winter months!

The skin is the largest organ of our body and takes the brunt of the Winter months – lack of hydration (it’s hard to drink water when it’s so cold!) and indoor heaters can leave the skin feeling rough and dry! The first few steps to feeling “Summer Skin Ready” is regular brushing and exfoliation– the removal of dead skin cells from the uppermost layer of the skin’s surface, while stimulating the blood flow to the skin.

Incorporating a brushing and exfoliation routine into your beauty regime can go a long way to help you look and feel your best. Using a natural bristle body brush, brush your body in an upward circular motion daily to help improve blood flow to the skin (helps improve the appearance of cellulite) as well as remove existing dead skin cells. This should be done daily for a few minutes, prior to showering. In addition to the daily brushing, you should be exfoliating the skin about 2x a week, using different products for the face and body to remove dead skin cells and encourage circulation.

Ask your therapist for advice on exfoliation products to suit your skin needs.

Ginkgo Spa has the following Uncover the Skin Body treatments on offer:

BABOR SPA Energizing Body Treatment

Those feeling tired or defeated will be revitalised with pounding, rubbing and shaking techniques inspired by Roman sports massage, the Energising Touch. These techniques stimulate your metabolism and blood circulation.

Full Body Exfoliation

Full body Scrub leaving your skin with a healthy natural glow.

Once we’ve got the skin prepared, it’s time to moisturise – this can be done through a combination of massage to stimulate blood circulation to the skin’s surface, or treating your skin to a QMS Classic Collagen Treatment – natural soluble collagen increase the skin’s moisture retaining capacity and improving skin metabolism The skin is immediately smoother and healthier. Our hands and feet especially get neglected during the Winter months, thanks to the forgiving camouflage of gloves and woolly socks pushed into boots! But come Summer, there’s no hiding those appendages! Time to treat those feet with one of our many manicure or pedicure treatments and get Summer Ready!

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