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Will spa treatments keep the doctor at bay?

The growing wellness trend flies in the face of the global marketing machine. People are opening their eyes to the quality of the products that are being marketed to them. Healthier alternatives are being sought, as the list of synthetic, GMO ingredients grow on the labels of our once favoured and trusted products. Despite this growing awareness, the companies producing them seem to be ever more engaged in fancy spin-doctoring to convince us that they are still perfectly safe.
Our state of wellness is directly linked to our quality of lives – the food we eat, the exercise we get and the level of stress we feel. The trick is to get the balance right, as the weakest link could topple the balancing act.
When our overall wellness is poor, our bodies suffer and we are more likely to contract a cold or suffer from a stress-induced disorder. The general end result of being out of balance is a trip to the doctor. But, for the most part, doctors are not given to prescribing a lifestyle change where they send their patients to the spa, gym and local fresh produce supplier, rather than the pharmacy. The prescription is issued and filled and the short term symptoms are treated but the long term condition remains.

Take the control of your physical health and wellness back

We are what we eat so keep it natural. The information how to pick/find and prepare healthy food is replete – just a quick Google search produces endless results and inspiration. The same is true for getting our bodies back into shape with all manner of exercise routines on Youtube.

Now for the mental wellness and stress relief

Schedule some time out that is dedicated to engaging in something that is beneficial for you alone and that is not work related. Try a hobby, reading, scenic walks or spending QUALITY time with the family.
What better way is there to let off steam and decompress than to regularly book some time out to submerge yourself in a spa treatment? – forget the daily responsibilities and give yourself some time to heal and boost your mental and physical reserves.

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