Spring is here! Shake off the last of the Winter Blues with a Massage


Time to get ready for Spring! So Spring into action with our September Spa Specials!

Winter is one on of those seasons that we wish we could just skip.  Not only is it cold, wet and dull, but conditions affect the body in every way possible. A great way to combat such effects is with regular massage treatments. The benefits of massage therapy during winter are highly underestimated even though the benefits are huge.

Boost your immune

The last thing anyone wants is to get sick during the cold and wet season.  It takes twice as long to recover and wears the body out. Immune boosting massages are one of the most overlooked treatments when it comes to strengthening your body’s system for winter.  It has been proven that a regular massage can increase the number of white blood cells that fight off the pathogens that cause colds and flu.

Improves Circulation

The older we get, the bigger the effects cold weather has on the body.  Low temperatures bring many discomforts like aches, muscle tension, joint pains and arthritis. During warmer seasons it is easier to overcome such discomforts by being active unlike during the winter season when such activities are limited.  Regular massages are the ideal treatment for relieving these aches and pains and improve circulation by enhancing the blood flow in your body.

Skin treatments

Regular massages and facials are the best way to combat dry skin during the winter.  Not only does it improve circulation but oils and lotions used contain healthy vitamins and minerals that ultimately leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Get ready for Spring!

To help you Shake off the last of the Winter Blues we have a Spring for Savings Special at all three our Ginkgo Spas!


BABOR Classic Facial

The SKINOVAGEPX treatment is a combination of professional beauty care and effective, soothing massage.


20 Min Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage




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