Spa Consulting getting the formula right for a growing market

The therapeutic benefits of massage are well known and spa treatments are becoming ever more popular for those seeking optimum wellness and stress relief.
The problem for the hotel spa is that despite having the facilities to offer a great spa experience, the customers are hardly beating down to door to be pampered.  Why would this be?
Surely having a spa in a hotel, especially a resort hotel, should be a licence to print money?

The competition to pamper people from head to toe, leaving them relaxed and refreshed, is pretty fierce. Any hotel that is worth its salt has a spa and is in the mix competing for the business in the health & wellness market.
Having the greatest-newly-minted-top-of-the-range equipment and treatments are not necessarily going to make a difference either, especially in the long run when the other hotel spas catch up and level the playing field.

So what does make the difference time and again?

As with many things it is the actual experience that is the key to success, generating word of mouth recommendations and goodwill. Where the customer is impressed from the moment they enter by the layout of the spa, the attention detail and quality of service given by the staff and ultimately leading to the customer leaving the spa feeling satisfied that they have had a quality spa experience.
The actual brand of product used or the treatment applied is not as important as ensuring that the customer completes their treatment feeling truly pampered, relaxed and refreshed. After all isn’t this every Spas promise to their clients?

Ginkgo Spa Management Services and Spa Consulting have a unique insight into getting the value offering right to attract more customers. Through both our consulting and managing services we have hard won, hands-on practical experience. Our primary aim is to keep our focus on the spa visitors ensuring that by choosing a treatment at one of our spas, they are rewarded with an exceptional experience.

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