Must-Have Facials at the Ginkgo Day Spas

Must-Have Facials at the Ginkgo Day Spas


Must-Have Facials at the Ginkgo Day Spas

If there is one part of the body that women and men are concerned with the most, it is their face.  It is where you carry all your stress, all your smiles, and all your responsibilities.  It is also the part that is rushed and neglected the most.  How many of us do the basic easy-on-easy-off routine just to get daily facial care over and done with?

A Deep Clean process

Unlike what you do at home, a professional facial is the best solution to rid your skin of dirt, toxins and build-up that occur on a daily basis. It is the most successful method that helps in removing all impurities that can cause skin issues.  Proper exfoliation and treatment removes all dead skin and unclogs pores which then allow for the absorption of products that restore and rejuvenates your skin.

Slows down the ageing process

Proper skin care, like professional facials, can help slow down the ageing process and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The anti-aging process increases blood circulation and improves oxygen flow through pores while promoting collagen production which enhances the elasticity of your skin.

Relaxing activity

Facial treatments provide the best of both worlds – a well deserved facial treatment that is concluded in a relaxing and stress-relieving environment which allows you to completely unwind and simply enjoy the experience – combining a must-do, with pleasure.

The Ginkgo Spa Facial Experience

We’ve put a lot of thought and attention into compiling packages from our treatments – especially for you!  These include Skin Renewal facials, Executive Skincare treatment for men, Express cleanse, Anti-Aging Facial treatments, a Skin Refiner Reversive facial package and the Classic Facial. All compiled to improve, rejuvenate and repair damaged skin caused by everyday living.

Relax with us

You too can experience the Ginkgo Spa indulgence at any of our three spas.  We have created a relaxing and calming atmosphere that will not only improve your general wellbeing but also make you feel renewed when you leave.

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