Indulge in a Spa Day with your Bridesmaids before your Wedding


Getting married is possibly the most exciting time of your life. But time is fleeting and before a wedding there is a lot to do (to say the least!)

Planning that perfect wedding can be stressful on the bride, but also on her bridesmaids. The greatest thing you can do for yourself and your bridesmaids is to take a break from all the wedding stuff, relax and spend the day together at one of our Spas in Cape Town. You might not get this opportunity again once you are married and your new life as the MRS starts demanding your full attention.

If you are anything like most brides then this will certainly be one of the best days of your life (apart from your wedding day of course!) When entering the sanctity of one of the Ginkgo Spas, you will immediately start relaxing and with nothing to distract you, you can truly forget about all the pressures of the wedding, and fully immerse yourself in quality time with your friends. Very few things come close to spending valuable time with the people we love, and they will certainly appreciate the gesture!


It is good for your skin

The last thing you need on your wedding day is the breakout of a spot. Relaxation and especially the kind that a spa treatment will give you, is very good for your skin and will leave you and your bridesmaids looking more radiant than ever. On the other hand, research suggests that stress produces more oil which in turn can clog up those pores and produce unwanted acne.

It helps you make better decisions

This might be more appropriate for your bridesmaids, since you’ve already made the best decision of your life – to get married to the man you love! But studies have found that stress seems to actually change how we weigh risks and rewards, and can cloud our judgment when we are faced with important decisions.

It boosts good memory

You want to remember every second of your wedding day and research on mice have concluded that short bursts of stress impaired the centres of the brain involved in memory and learning, and the mice struggled to remember how to find their way through the maze. Not that you’d have to run through a maze on your wedding day, as long as you follow the red carpet and remember to say I DO, you should be ok!

It will give you that loving feeling

You probably don’t have any problems with this at the moment while living in the euphoria of getting-married-soon! But your bridesmaids could possibly do with more feelings of love (especially towards a demanding bride!) Research shows that the prolonged presence of the stress hormone cortisol can reduce levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are linked to how you feel.

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