Cape Town Spas unwraps the fine art of Detox

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Detox. Something you should really consider at the end of the holiday period! Detox, the word short for detoxification, is the elimination of toxins from the body – and no coincidence that after the festive season’s bout of imbalance (too much alcohol, too little exercising, not enough sleep, too many mince pies…), we find that our bodies are craving a re-balance of our systems. Without the important process of detoxing, our bodies are unable to eliminate the build-up of toxins from the overindulgence of the festive season, and pollutants can begin to place strain on our internal systems.

With the start of the New Year at hand, it makes perfect sense for the psychological detox (New Year, new goals, and new career aspirations) to coincide with the physical detox. Our body needs a break to cleanse itself, so that it can continue to function correctly. Think about the over-indulgence of the holiday – the same principle of healing applies – the period of excess is balanced out with a period of simplicity and wellbeing.

It’s important to stress that as one of the Top Cape Town Spa Groups we believe in a well-rounded, sensible detox – one that includes balanced meals, plenty of rest and no-fad “quick fix” products! Our approach to detox is that of a holistic approach, addressing all areas of your life that need a re-boot (mental and spiritual, as well as physical)

Beauty and Wellness suggestions for 2016

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Spa Treatments

The physical act of a cleansing treatment such as a deep tissue massage, exfoliation, steam, wraps and clay treatments all assist with the body’s healing process during a detox.

Massage Treatment – Massage boosts blood circulation through the body, which encourages the act of elimination of toxins from our systems.

Anti-Oxidant Hot Spa Bath Treatment – Warm spa bath session is a relaxing toxin cleanser.

Detox Body Wrap – Similar to steam sessions, wrap treatments help the body eliminate excess toxins.

Full Body Exfoliation – The treatment of exfoliation is the elimination of external toxins on skin, and the massage movement encourages blood flow, assisting with the elimination and to carry away toxins.

Ginkgo Spa Group has the Best Spas in Cape Town and we use and sell only the best products to assist with the detoxification process. 

Ginkgo Montmorillonite Internal Clay Powder:

Calcium Montmorillonite develops a negative electrical charge when hydrated. Most free radicals, toxins, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria are positively charged and are therefore drawn to the clay like a magnet. The Montmorillonite attracts positively charged impurities out of the blood, from the capillaries alongside the colon and carries the impurities away bonded to its large surface. There is an ionic exchange that takes place. The impurities are drawn to the clay and as some are absorbed into the molecular structure of the clay, trace elements and minerals are in return released and thus impurities are exchanged in the body for ionic charged minerals and trace elements. This results in the powerful Ionic Exchange Therapy, purifying and feeding at the same time. 

Thalgo Oceadraine Detoxifying:

Purify the body to boost its functions and eliminate toxins. With its 100% natural – origin active ingredients – fucus brown algae and a complex of organic plants helps you to recover a sense of well – being and lightness. Fennel & artichoke extracts encourage detoxification of the body by helping drain and eliminate toxins.

Thalgo Slim 7

A delicious, red berry flavoured blend of active plants and algae, SLIM 7 Refining Drink offers, thanks to its plants and algae, a seven -day programme to help you reach that goal. The brown algae fucus and guarana , known for its ability to facilitate slimming as part of a controlled diet, are combined with meadowsweet and cherry stem extracts used for the drainage of the organism. The figure-refining plant boost these benefits and contributes to the resistance against physical fatigue often experienced during this time. 7 days to streamline your silhouette and have cm loss.

All of these treatments and products are available at our Spas in Cape Town. 


We tend to overindulge on food during the festive season of celebration. When our bodies are in a state of excess, they can struggle to digest inflammable foods (such as wheat, dairy and alcohol). By cutting these items out of your diet (even for just a short time), you give your body time to recover, process and metabolize the proper nutrients into your system without hindrance, as well as help improve your overall immune system. A body that correctly processes nutrients without inflammation is a happy, healthy and energetic one! You can find a good nutritionist to help you with this process, but use your common sense too – choose foods that make you feel good, healthy and energetic and cut out the foods that don’t, just for a few weeks! Lots and lots of water will help your body rehydrate after the festive season’s period of alcohol, sugary drinks and sun exposure!


The act of movement encourages the act of digestion and the correct absorption of nutrients. Furthermore, exercise is a stress reliever that prevents stress from building up in our systems. When stress is not externally expelled from our bodies and is managed internally, our body suffers an excess build-up of stress-hormones, which cause negative reactions in our body. Examples of this include an excess of “Fight or Flight” adrenaline – when the body creates too much adrenaline that is not actively used by the body, it can lead to kidney burn-out. Another example is the production of the cortisol hormone when under stress – if not eliminated by the body effectively, this can lead to weight gain and depression. Exercise helps our bodies function correctly, eliminates negative tension as well as causes the secretion of endorphins, which make us feel happy, confident and self-assured.

Mental detox

With the start of a new year, it makes sense for our physical detox to coincide with a mental detox. Use this time to meditate or pray, take a moment to write in your journal or take a walk in the garden – use this time of physical and mental detox to contemplate and plan for the year 2016. Treat yourself to a spa day of relaxation at one of our Spas in Cape Town with a Spa Treatment Package – a new year, a new you!

Medical check-ups

Make the New Year about “preventative measures” – make the time to get your cholesterol and blood pressure checked, schedule in an annual GP overall check-up and make sure you know where your health stands for the year ahead. Prevention is better than cure!

The above measures are a safe, well-rounded and balanced perspective to a healthy detox plan. Detoxing can help your mind, body and soul prepare for the upcoming year ahead.

Want to continue your well-balanced approach to 2016 for the remainder of the year? Remember to go for regular Beauty and Wellness Treatments in Cape Town. Make sure you make the time to pamper yourself, your skin and set aside a few precious moments for yourself to recapture the forgotten sense of wellbeing this 2016!

To make it more affordable take a look at our fantastic Spa Specials.

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Wishing you a Healthy and Prosperous 2016 filled with Wellbeing and Mindfulness![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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